This is me lately...

You just KNOW that when it warms up around here, for real, that is going to be one truly disgusting pumpkin!

Sunday... I was walking through my house and stopped to give Minou a snuffle. When - WHA!!!! I saw The Fireman building a Snowman outside my window!!?

Yes, yes, I AM still mad at him... but, that's kind of sweet, right? I don't think anyone's ever given me a snowman before...?

It was a Classic, Standard Model Snowman, with carrot and pipe, etc. Not bad. I would have given extra points if it had looked more like The Fireman - with a baseball cap or - EXTRA points - a flaming head!!

Lilah knows me well - and she gets the creativity points. SHE made a SnowRhino! That's my girl!

I was a little surprised that she had gone to the Dark Side (playing in the snow with The Fireman when we had all voted him off the island...) but it was a beautiful snowy day, so I Let It Go.

A beautiful... warm-ish day. When Lilah and I returned from the Studio that evening, The Snowman was looking a bit tired.

My sister, Mom, Laurie, Lilah and I were all sitting around the kitchen table watching The Snowman desperately trying to hang in there bathed in the unforgiving streetlight.

We saw The Fireman sneak over and push him back upright.

But Monday was an even lovelier day and by this morning, The Snowman had lost it. His head, his carrot, pipe, and his buttons! So sad. He didn't even last two days.

The Fireman came and collected his parts.
I put him out of his misery.

The Snowman.
Not The Fireman.
I think He is still in Misery.

This whole incident reminded me of a greeting card I made (available with a tattoo inside!) It's done in watercolor and the poem is written by my sister, Jenn, although she won't admit it.

So tomorrow is going to be in the 70's. A nice day for the beach! Which is ironic, since The Fireman and I had originally been planning a mini-vacation to the seacoast tomorrow. But Irony is my middle name lately. There will be another snowstorm on Thursday.

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