Best Day. Ever. Santa Fe

Yes, the best day. Lisa Heron and I did some adventuring. First we drove North a bit... Then we drove South... Then wandered a bit in the middle... Then South again. :-)
In Santa Fe, even the underpasses have art on them. And the parking garages!? The last four pics in this group are from the garage attached to La Fonda... There are paintings and stained glass in the stairway of the parking garage. And all the pillars are painted or carved. Whoa.

The shops around La Fonda are insanely expensive but a feast for the eyes when window shopping. Not to be outdone by the garage, the hotel has tiled drinking fountains, ATMs, and even the ladies room. The courtyard restaurant had hundreds of painted windows and door panes.

After lunch, we wandered around The Plaza, shopped the outdoor markets, listened to international music, avoided the Free Hugs mob, and walked the labyrinth at St. Francis' cathedral. The photo of my toes is to prove I made it to the middle!

We met up with Jessica Wesolek in Eldorado (jokingly referred to as Ell-DOH-rah-DOH) and followed her to a cowboy bar and dance hall. While waiting for our table, Lisa and I explored a nearby abandoned church.

The cowboy dancehall, the Legal Tender, was an amazing place. It was loud, but kind of worn-in elegant. The food was tasty and it was mesmerizing to watch the couples dancing. It was odd that none of the couples ever smiled while twirling around...?

The sign over the stage reads, "Where the pavement ends, and the West begins."

The last two pics are the journal entries. My sketch of my margarita... The Legal Tender only serves beer and wine, no hard liquor. But the wine based margarita was delicious! And Lisa's page showing her drawing of Chris modeling her tangley jacket is not only wonderful, but serves as proof that I did actually teach while here!

I can't believe it is all over! Time went so fast and now I have to pack and head on home tomorrow.

We are already thinking of what to improve on for next year. :-)