Guest Artist - Ellen Wolters

As you may remember, everyone who entered the final Challenge was a "winner" of a Tangle Card pack. I recently received this note on Facebook:

Ellen Wolters > BEEZ ink Studio       Been playing in my kidsclass with the Tangle Cards I won with your challenge! We had real fun, check it out:
Again thank you so much for the cards!

I was blown away by how clever the idea was. We ALL know that Lilah Beans have "tangled" hair - but I had never seen hair THAT tangled! ;-D What fun to use her hair as a "sampler"?

Here is Ellen's post from her blog along with the great images (used with permission of course).  
The original post (in Dutch) is HERE. I had Google translate it into English:

A while ago I took part in a challenge by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. She is the author of many books on tangling, but also an illustrator and much more.

Her daughter created Lilah Bean, a bean-shaped creature ​​in various tangles.

I won a prize for the challenge: a set of cards with tangles and the Kids' edition with Lilah Bean! Of course they had to be played with. The children made ​​their own Lilah Beans (Bean Blackbird, Maud Bean, Bean Simone, Lindsay Bean, Eva Bean, Bean Marijn and I of course, made Ellen Bean).

We gave the Beans a nose and ears. You can purchase such a card set or read more about Sandy Steen Bartholomew. Look at her Facebook site: Sandy Steen Bartholomew or shop in the online store.

These were made by ​​the children. Everyone tangled on each drawing in one or more boxes.

Ellen's Blog is: (Drawing Practice The Inner World) Be sure to look around on the site. Ellen has made some great videos (she has one of my Annee!) and tangled alphabets, etc.... enjoy!