Lilah and I decided to venture down the Bright Angel Trail for a bit this morning. My mom stayed at the top.
Although the trail was booby trapped with mule poop (this is the main supply trail for the Phantom Ranch hotel in the canyon), the biggest danger to safe footing is... Stupid tourists.

Why would anyone bring an infant to the Grand Canyon, never mind try to negotiate a stroller down a steep rocky incline with a sheer drop of a mile? (That's a rhetorical question).

Lilah and I walked for a while until the path narrowed and I started feeling rather dizzy. I reminded her, we had to actually climb back UP!

I do ok with the hiking and even the climb is fine, it's the heights that bother me. I think I would actually enjoy hiking farther in if I didn't constantly feel like I might tumble over the side at any moment.

I love that sign! It looks like the picto-person is doing parkour! Maybe it should say "No Parkour in Park"?

Here are two very pretty shots of some of the trails we did NOT travel down...

The views from the South Rim are beautiful, but even if you only go a short way below the rim, the views are even more stunning.

We have seen some great wildlife. The squirrels, deer, and lizards have no fear of people.

And back at Hopi House, we saw an amazing Hoop Dance. Lilah and I were really impressed as we have both been trying to learn hooping - with just one hoop!

I noticed this strange and unusual plant near our lodge...

Yes, all those parts are on one plant?! I think I will call it Audrey 2.

One of the nice things about staying at the park is the Lodges. We are part of Maswick Lodge - which has a food court, pizza pub, and gift shop, but you sleep in smaller buildings with around four rooms each. The buildings are scattered around the pine forest with cactii and deer for atmosphere. There are free buses that will take you all over the park. Everyone is very friendly and the tourists AND employees are from all over the world.

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