As a recovering freelance illustrator, I have to admit that seeing two magazines next to each other on the Borders newstand - each with an article and art by ME! Ohmigosh-I don't have the words to describe the feeling!!! I hope this isn't all of my 15-minutes of fame, because I'd really like to do some more articles.

SO - I have an article on pages 54-57 of the Winter 2009 Cloth, Paper, Scissors - "STUDIOS" Magazine!! My two studios are "featured studios" which means I get more pages. Still, there were a lot of photos left out. Probably doesn't matter except that I described areas and spaces that have no accompanying pics. If anyone is interested in seeing more photos, let me know and I can put up a page with more info.

I really love showing (off) my studios. The rooms themselves are like artworks to me. And my whole reason for creating is to share or show what I make. It must be another one of those ironic curses. I'm an extreme introvert and I crave long blocks of time alone to make stuff and I suck at multi-tasking (and baby-sitting!). And yet, without the human interactions and deadlines... I have no reason to make anything.

A magazine deadline is a GREAT reason to make stuff!!

Note: the article has pictures of my Zentangle cabinet - in progress, and my tangled bathroom floor! And if you haven't yet read my other article about Zentangles and Journals in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, it is still on the newstands for a few more weeks. :-)

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