Again - I have all the animations up on my Patreon page - take a look!

I stayed up late inking the pencils and scanning them, then ruined the whole thing with a botched batch processing...

But this morning - I realized the black background actually looked better... so I cleaned it up and added the pink cheeks!

For the walk cycle project, I needed to reconstruct the basic walking form - to work with a large-headed stick figure!

Here are the pencil tests for this character - one of my daughter, Lilah's, comic characters - AMMI.

Here's the final version - I worked really hard to get it finished before her own cartoon camp finished today so she could show it to her class.

She's got a little skip to her walk!

SPEED READER was my final project - but I only had less than two hours from concept to GIF! So it still needs some work, inking, etc. I like it even though it's rough. Elephant is a character from the picture book I just finished - "Ready, Set, GOrilla!"

Look carefully - a lot happens in just 14 frames! He uses his trunk to turn the pages!

I got a few questions on how this works. The very basics:

For the Flipbooks - 36 pieces of card stock are held together with a big binder clip. When you flip the right edge of the paper, the image drawn on the pages, appears to move.

For the other animations (like SPEED READER) - each drawing (14 or more) is drawn on a piece of copy paper with three holes punched along the top. The holes are to slip onto the peg bar and they keep the image and pages aligned. These get scanned into the computer and assembled in Photoshop into a GIF.
I had an amazing week! There are more details on my Facebook page, and more flip book animations on my Patreon page. Right now, I am seriously crashing - I am so exhausted that I am falling asleep as I write this!

To sleep!!