Zentangled Floor!

I figured I couldn't hurt the plywooded floor. So I smoothed it as much as I could and zentangled it! I used Sharpie oil-based markers for the lines and then watered-down black acrylic for the shading - all covered by a coat of poly-acrylic semi-gloss finish.

I also finished the railing of the kitchen. (Note the faux dirty linoleum tiles! Too cool, right?) Eventually, I'll add more pattern to the colorful posts, but I like 'em simple for now. At least, I'm not planning to zentangle them! If you are curious about zentangling, look here: http://www.zentangle.com

I've also been organizing and tidying. I set up a little sitting area. That's my friend, Frita. She's Mr. Potato Head's daughter (papas fritas). You can see the family resemblance in her eyes and nose. She stole my favorite sneakers! And, in case you're interested, she's reading "The 39 Clues" which my son and I highly recommend! It's like "National Treasure", but you get to play too. Fun, fun!