Here's the second book that I got to work on. The artist asked that we continue her loopy string and try to find faces and creatures in the patterns! This was a very cool challenge. Even though I am an illustrator at heart, I have been doing my tangles pretty straight. Partly because that provides the unthinking art break I need and partly because that's the "way" to tangle.

So this book challenged me to apply my own art to the tangles, yet still look like it belonged next to the previous images. Fun, fun. I was very happy with the results! I have to try this on my own designs.

I have been messing around with more mehndi designs and branched out to play with Japanese kimono patterns. Wow - some of those are HARD!! When I figure out how to make a re-creatable tangle out of one particularly complex pattern, I will post the ATC for it.

Next week I am off to Alaska, so I will have to discover some  Zentangle-able Alaskan patterns while there!

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