It's ALMOST here. I think it is in California right now, at the CHA ginormous craft show. I saw it in an ad on Design Originals blog...

The other new books look intriguing too, but I don't know anything about them yet, except, something to do with ZT and polymer clay.

My new book is listed on Amazon already! Yoga for Your Brain

is available for pre-order.

So if you have Amazon Prime and get free shipping, that's a great place to order it. Plus they guarantee the price if you pre-order.

If you should happen to want to order the book from ME... maybe autographed... for yourself and ALL your addicted Zentangle-y friends... well, I just listed it in my Etsy store for Pre-order.  Here's a secret code: YFYBPRE10
(sssh! don't tell anyone) Enter this code in your Etsy shopping cart and you'll get 10% off your order in my Bumblebat shop. This coupon is only good while I am taking pre-orders.. so for about a week. I only have books in the shop right now, not kits, etc. because I still can't see well enough to put that stuff together. Sorry.

You want a bigger discount!? Oh, OK... post the info and links about YFYB from this email onto your own blog (at least 100 followers or more) or get it onto someone else's blog... and post the link in a comment below (or email me) and I'll send you a super secret code for 25% off all the books. And I'll put some stuff or thingies in too. You can repost any part of this posting or do your own - but put some links, OK? Thanks.

Want to see some pictures?! I'm such a tease...

The cover changed a bunch of times. If you have seen this original image (on my business cards, etc.), I am sitting on the words Yoga for Your Brain". But, for some strange reason, titles need to go UP at the top of a book. Go figure. So rearrange, rearrange... the publisher then wanted more tangles on the cover...redo... I liked that one, but she wanted even MORE tangles. I don't know. I liked the original, but this one is growing on me. Maybe it's that mommy thing - you always love your own baby, even if it looks different than you imagined it? I just can't help thinking, "I wish I had tangled that little bear!" Doesn't he look like he should be dangling from the curly hook? (I swear I am NOT on pain killers anymore, really!)

Table of Contents - more teasing. Why, yes, I DO come up with my titles really late at night. Why do you ask?

"Tangled Women" is one of my favorites. And, yes, it was a bit difficult at times to keep the Yoga/Workout theme going. I'm not a exercise buff. I'm a couch potato with a sketchbook. I burn calories by laughing and rolling my eyes. I guess that makes this book more authentic though, since all the exercising involves hefting a pen and turning pages. Try reading this book on an exercise bike if you feel the need to really work it.

OK, major teasing here. I think if you click on the images, you can probably read some of the text and try a project. You can fool your friends - who don't read this blog - into thinking you actually HAVE the book and they don't. Ha Ha!

I just realized, I'll have to get some Sheer Heaven for my Etsy site, hmmm.... But for now, you can get it from tell Jessica I sent you. In an unrelated aside, Jessica also has some really excellent online classes on journaling and digital photography at that site. I've taken a bunch and want to do Guerilla Photography next.

A few posts back, remember when I was talking about the reviews for Totally Tangled

... I hope you can see now that I do take the reviews and your comments seriously. People asked for more advice on shading - I got that in here. You asked for tangles - check. More string ideas and things to DO with your tangles - like painting on rocks and printmaking? Check. And I had a bunch of requests for doing deconstruction. You know, how to look at stuff around you and turn it into tangles? There's tons of that in here. And for all you not-yet-addicted-to-Zentanglers who do not yet own Totally Tangled

Yoga For Your Brain

is NOT a beginner Zentangle book! Did you hear that! NOT a BEGINNER book! I think I sum up the basics on one page, just in case you forgot... or maybe you need to explain it quickly to someone looking over your shoulder as you read. But this book assumes you know about putting dots in the corners, etc. and takes it from there. OK? So no more 2 star reviews because you didn't know. Are we still friends? Good.

Last of all, the back cover. I really loved the blurb. Originally it read Don't let the calm cover fool you." I thought that was really funny. But by the third revision, the cover wasn't calm anymore. I think I used that excuse as a reason not to redo the cover. But the publisher said to write "calm girl". Ah, well, it's still pretty funny. And don't get me wrong... I adore my publisher. Suzanne McNeill is the most amazing, and amazingly patient, publisher I have ever worked with. She actually lets me design the entire book, right down to the spine. Maybe she doesn't know publishers aren't supposed to do that? Don't tell her!! Although she did threaten me to leave lots of room around the bar code this time.
And I did.
I really like to make people happy.

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