What the Quo Vadis!?

It's getting near to the end of this blog's run... graduation from CCS is this Saturday! But there's so much going on, I have trouble keeping UP!

I went home this weekend to see Lilah's performance in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. She was the Narrator and an eagle. How was it?... well, it was... short and had a long intermission...

The Fireman took care of me and Minou... (although Minou refused to eat her grapefruit!)

... and he had planted HUNDREDS of tulips in my yard and garden, and they were starting to bloom!

(It's been dark and rainy for a week).

Back in Vermont - I have been assembling my Thesis/Kickstarter comics...

cutting, trimming, stamping, making belly bands...

packaging and mailing! Yowza... only 35 more to go!?

And - on top of that - I am SERIOUSLY stressing about what to do with the rest of my life! Well, fine, I'm focusing on the next six months... hell, I can't even figure out this summer!!

I found this house just outside White River Junction (but REALLY close) in an historic district. It needs a TON of work - but The Fireman was just as smitten as I was and HE can really wield his tools!

A tower, wrap around porch, wood floors, fireplace, big rooms, butler's pantry! There's even a big sunroom space at the back with it's own entrance that could be rebuilt as my studio. It looks out into the forest - like a treehouse! Unfortunately... it needs CASH.

If I can sell my Wingdoodle building... otherwise - I have to move back home. But I don't have any room at home for me... and I really wanted to stay here for at least the summer... and take Animation and Graphic Novel classes...

... even the Magic 8 Balls at the Four Aces Diner weren't able to offer any useful advice. I've been driving everyone around me nuts with my "What if...?" questions. No one understands why I don't want to just move back home... and go back to my previous life. Before Comics. In a tiny... TINY town... near my Ex and his family...

So I did my usual OCD (CDO?) Crazy - and made a Mindmap/Chart of my different options. Where to live and what I could do if I lived in those places...

What do I Want? Like, you know, if someone asked ME - and I didn't have to worry about my kids, my mother, my Ex, the Fireman, or legal weirdness... what do I want?

I want to sell my Wingdoodle building for an excellent price, take my share (Mom owns half) and buy the Tower House for a VERY low price. Use the rest of my share to fix the roof, electric, plumbing, etc. and build my studio on the back. Then I'd move my apartment in there and take a year's sabbatical to work on the books that are sitting, waiting in drawers, and the cool project for the Agent (if she still wants me) and some other projects... The Fireman could renovate the rooms in the house. Meanwhile, I'd sell off as much as I could from my NH house, figure out where my mom can live... and then sell my house (in a year or so).

In this perfect world - I'd get more projects from the Montshire Science Museum, work with the new Graphic Medicine program with CCS and Dartmouth, attend some stuff at CCS, and maybe teach online and at some local galleries and maker spaces. And in my new Studio! :-)

I wonder if I could do a Kickstarter to buy the house and build a studio? I've done crazier things, right?

I welcome any advice or opinions! I should do a Poll. What do YOU think I should DO NEXT?