Our Visiting Artist this week was Nick Drnaso. As you can see...

... my sketch notes are not up to my usual standards. (blush) I was multi-tasking, working on another project. Actually, I suck at multi-tasking.

So I asked Kurt Shaffert if I could borrow his notes to share with you (he said "yes"):

Those are much better!

Kurt is our Applied Cartooning Fellow and leads the program I have been participating in at the VA Hospital. I did a few stick figure worksheets for him this week, so I figure this is a fair trade!

Earlier on Thursday, we had a workshop with Caleb Brown to learn more about Graphic Facilitation. This is a field that I would love to do work in - it makes use of my passion for Sketch-notes. Here are my (much better) notes on that lecture:

After the workshop, I brainstormed for a few hours with Caleb about ideas for "What I should do after graduation". It's probably no surprise to you folks that I am already starting to fret about all that? Graduation is only a few months away and I have a lot of decisions to make. Where to live? That affects what kind of job I might get or freelance work... or start another new business?

I am working really hard on my Thesis work and ideas are flying fast and furious. If I can get some time this weekend, I'll try to update you on some of it.

Last thing (for now) is the Ladybroad Ledger, Issue #1 is out and about in Vermont!

Here's a picture of MY PAGE! (OK, it's a free paper, but I am still SO excited!!)

You can download a copy (it's free) here: https://gumroad.com/ladybroadledger

If you are one of my Kickstarter groupies (I love you!) and would like an actual, paper copy, email me your snail mail address. I also have some really cute little comics created by Liniers to help promote my school and he used a quote from ME in it! I'm happy to send you that too. :-)