I thought we would take a little break from the Tangle Library APP rush... breathe... ahh, yes, tangling is calming, right? ;-)

Barbara Pederson sent me the following notes and artwork and I think they are lovely. Be sure to look closely at the details in the tangled hair. I also love the way that the paper texture actually creates a new background "tangle" in the colored piece.
Thank you Barb!

I am just a beginner but I did this last night and I just love it. Your book inspires me and the set of cards really help me to think of where patterns will work in my tanglelation.

Here's what I did...
I love making one of your "ladies" and filling in the patterns. I can think of so many ways to do their hair and clothing...  it's so much fun.  Thanks so much.  
- Barb Pederson

Barb Pederson

I so enjoy this craft.  It is so freeing.  Since I started drawing the "ladies", the ideas just keep coming and coming.  I especially like doing their hair.  So much fun I can't stop!  
- B

Here are a few others I am working on:

Barb Pederson
Barb Pederson

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