The movers took the furniture, and I loaded up my minivan. Again. I've been thinking about trading the van in for a more fuel efficient car, but it is very handy for hauling stuff.

It really makes a difference to have some furniture in the apartment!

The studio still needs a lot of work - organizing and cleaning. And a rug - the room echoes. It was originally going to be my daughter's room, but... let's just say, it makes a great studio space.

Lilah and I both agreed that my bedroom was plenty big enough for the both of us. We got matching futon mattresses and plenty of pancakes and donuts! We each have a big bookcase near our bed and Lilah sorted all the books (comic books!) by who could read them, and then, alphabetically.

The kitchen is starting to look nice! I spent ten hours scrubbing the bathroom and the kitchen shelves. Yuck yuck yuck! I still need to clean the mini blinds, but they are so grimy and sticky, I figured the dust wasn't going anywhere soon.

I'll have to post some other pictures of my kitchen table. I took it from my BeeHive studio - the Zentangle "tiles" are painted on. Memo to myself: I should do an ebook about tangling and painting on walls and furniture.

Here's another project I thought of:

I don't like to use gas stoves (I'm not an open-flame kind of person!) - and the kitchen has only a tiny bit of counter-real-estate. So I asked a friend to make me a cover for the stove. I may make a temporary one out of fome-cor so I have somewhere to put stuff.

The living room is looking pretty homey now too. I took so many things from my BeeHive studio - including the flower garlands. Lilah and I both prefer them to curtains!

All in all, now that it is mostly grime-free, it's a very nice apartment. Lilah woke me up at 6am saying "Mom, you have got to see the beautiful LIGHT in the living room!" Not something you hear everyday from a kid, right? But the early morning sun was just glowing off the newly painted yellow-orange walls. It was beautiful. (Then I promptly went back to bed.)

We have been arguing with the ancient toilet. It refuses to flush. But a very cool feature of the bathroom is the "faces".

Lilah discovered that, when perched on the loo, one can see as many as three different faces staring at you!

The old toilet paper holder looks like a monkey with its arms raised...

here's a close-up of his face...

And this face is scratched, and drawn onto the doorframe...

and this one is lining the wastebasket...

I have another van load of stuff to bring up this weekend - art supplies and my cat will make all the difference. And pictures for the walls.

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