So that is the whole story.
So far.
I promised to share with you my exciting adventures at Cartoon School over two years - and I am amazed at how quickly it passed by!

I hope that you have enjoyed the experience and I thank you for backing my Kickstarters and making this all possible. You ROCK!

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If you would like to continue following me... and you're curious what will happen next... you can switch over to my Studio blog - Beez in the Belfry - which has been on hold for the past two years. Just click on the link, and then fill in the form in the right column to be added to the mailing list (it's free!)

This blog will remain for a little while longer if you want to reread any posts.

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Glyphs & Glitches Comics Blog
The comic blog is also coming to a close. If you'd like to keep reading comics as I draw them (I have a lot of catching up to do!) AND you would like to continue showing your support for my creative efforts (I LOVE YOU!) Please, please, PLEASE back me on Patreon!

It is very simple and works kind of like a subscription. You can pledge any amount each month and read the comics as they post. You can cancel anytime.

If you join soon (before the end of July) and pledge $5 or more, you'll get a coupon code good for $5 off on my Etsy shop.

Thesis Comics!
If you missed the most recent Kickstarters and would like copies of my AMAZING Thesis Comics
;-) - they are now available, as digital or print copies, in my Etsy store: - but there are only a few remaining printed issues (with prints, paper dolls and mini-comics!)

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