On Sunday, we toured a Sugar Shack with the Sunday School crowd, got to dunk home-made donuts into fresh maple syrup, and narrowly missed a terrifying encounter with a HUGE mud puddle! Then, while Lilah played Barbies with Abby, I took my son, Alex, and my mom to the Currier Gallery in Manchester for "Tea".

I have had a membership to this great Art Museum for years, but I hardly ever find the chance to go visit. But this year, I learned that they serve high tea on Sunday afternoons! My son was really excited to sample the little sandwiches and desserts - and I was thrilled to have an excuse to go somewhere art-y. The tea is served in the enclosed courtyard so it is bright and cheerful (even though it is cold and gloomy outside!) and feels like you are in Europe somewhere. The sandwiches are adorable and delicious and the scones, lemon curd, clotted cream AND desert.... sigh. Yum. (We spent almost as long perusing the museum bookstore!)

2011- searching for his own niche
2009 - Integrated with the art!

On the way out to the parking lot, we reminisced about visiting the museum a few years before with his little sister and the funny photo I had taken of them. To humor his mom, Alex crammed himself into the huge, metal sculpture. (He had to turn himself sideways!)

2009 -This one makes me think of The Beatles album cover...

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