Tangle of the Week - Jetties

Here's one in honor of my daughter's 3rd birthday next week! (Three years old, omigosh!!)
Jetties is a three year olds dream - rubba-balls everywhere. Yippee!

Oh, you noticed, rats! Yeh, you're right, I didn't finish drawing in all those stripey balls on the front of the card. You can help me out. Did I mention it's my daughter's birthday? I'm too busy getting ready for her party - the one she has been talking about since September! And...

... if you noticed the little poll that I had on the side of this blog about what you'd like in a book...?

Well... YES! I am doing a book about Zentangle and I need your help. You may, or may not, know that there are about 102 "official" tangles. These are the patterns that the Certified Zentangle Teachers learn and then teach their students. I only plan to include a few of the basic ones in the book - the ones that are building blocks for other patterns. SO... I need NEW TANGLES!!!

Have you invented a new pattern? If you have, and you'd like to share, email me a jpeg with a sketch of the steps, the name of the Tangle ("untitled" is not acceptable - name it after your kid or pet if you have no clue), and your name.  (email it to : sakhmet at tds dot net)  I reserve the right to choose between any similar designs and to make minor alterations if necessary. If I use your tangles in the book, I will put your name with it (unless you just want your initials or something). This is so exciting!!

And if any CZTs are reading this and panicking, this book is intended to get more people excited about Zentangle and interested in taking classes. I received a lot of emails after the magazine article appeared asking where people could take classes or learn more. The book is geared more towards those who already have some experience tangling.