I get a lot of emails... but the funniest, most unexpected one I received this week started like this:

"Sorry for the delay, I was in rural Poland and didn't have internet."

And then, the good part:

"I've just released the app, it should be live in the next 12-24 hours."


And, by the way, that message was from Ian, the developer of my Tangle Library App. When I sent him all the art, he was in France... I wonder where he was when he got internet back? He is on quite an adventure around the world. I am so glad that he is a geek and travels not only with his laptop, but the code for the APP!This is actually a new In-app-purchase for the Tangle Library. I created a collection of 40 tangles and step-outs based on designs from my Inspiration Sketchbook - The Tangles of Kells.You can get the Tangle Library APP on iTunes, HERE.If you don't do i-anything (iPhone, iPod, iPad), you can get the books HERE.If you already have the main APP, here is a video of how to get the new pack of tangles:

The video was done when there were only 2 choices, but it works the same. This is what the screen looks like with all the choices:

If you aren't seeing all the choices, be sure to "Update" the Tangle Library first and then try clicking the "Restore Previous Purchases".

Here are two more screenshots to get you excited!

There are some simpler tangles and some more challenging patterns too.

If you are having any trouble with the APP, have questions, or want to share what you have been using the APP for, be sure to visit the Tangle Library Facebook Page.

I really hope you like this new set of tangles! It was one of my big projects for the summer. The other big project is a Kickstarter campaign which should be live later today. I'll do another post soon and let you know all about that.

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