For this week's Challenge, we are going to do things a little bit differently. I will be away at Art Camp next week so I won't be able to choose winners and post the art. I'll be on a little island in a lake, doing arts and crafts. :-) (YEAH!) That means, I am going to give you a harder... or more "interesting"... tangle, and you will have TWO weeks to work on your entry. Sound good? To make it even better, I will choose TWO winners. Well, I will choose one, and YOU all will choose the other by popular choice on the Facebook Page.

AND Tangle Card Challenge #6 will be happening simultaneously on the Zentangle for Kidz site. Anyone can enter #6 - any age, any skill level, and you can enter #6 even if you have already won on this site.

This next Challenge features Hemp. This design came from a Japanese kimono pattern, but seems to pop up all over the word in different forms. Basically, it's triangles divided into more triangles. There are all kinds of cool variations that include funky 3-D effects by using shading. My sample piece uses black to create graphic looking stars...

Post your art on the Beez Ink Studio Facebook Page.

The winners will be chosen in TWO weeks on Thursday, August 22nd, sometime after lunch. ;-)

Don't be afraid to post whatever you come up with - any skill level is welcome.
Let's see what you've got!

To see all the contest details, read this post.

Entries from Round 1 can be seen here.
Round 2 is here.
Round 3 is here.
And Round 4 is here.

Hemp is from the Totally Tangled Edition card pack. The Tangle card packs can be pre-ordered HERE.