Did you read the previous post? The one about the NEW Tangle cards? Did you read all the way to the end? Great! So you want to get your hands on a pack of these cards...

The cards will be in shops in September, but the publisher, Fox Chapel/Design Originals, had some advance copies made to show at Book Expo in NYC. They very kindly sent me a set so I wouldn't gnaw off my own hand in anticipation.

Filled with gratitude... and greed... I did the only reasonable thing - I asked for another set. (Actually, I think I begged.) And as every 5-year-old knows - begging gets results. :-) They sent me THREE sets! THREE! That's 9 packs of cards! Mine mine mine... ooh, right - the OTHER 5-year-old lesson: "Thou must share."
(I'm kidding - I always intended to share them.)

Let's have a CONTEST!
It's been a while since the Lilah Bean contest - so I'm making this up as I go...

•  Each Friday, until I run out of packs, I will post one
   of the tangle cards here on the blog.
•  You, if you choose to accept your mission, can either
   - use the tangle to create a Zentangle, a dangle,
     a doodle, or other inspired art (it's all good)
   - create a Tangleation using my tangle as
     I cannot pronounce that word, but a tangleation is
     a new variation or crossbreed based on an existing
     tangle. This must include the steps to draw the new
•  Any entries should be posted on my
  Beez Ink Studio Facebook page.
•  People can vote by clicking "Like" under each entry.
  But I get the final say as to the winner because...
  it's my contest. The winner will be announced the
  following Friday when I post the next Tangle Card.
•  I will send one pack of Tangle cards to the winner.
•  Legally stuff: No purchase necessary. No monetary
  value to the prize (unless you resell it on ebay!)
  Your artwork remains your property, however, by
  entering the contest you give me the right to use
  your art (or tangle) on my blog and in a future book-
  with your credits attached, of course.
•  If you win a pack of Tangle Cards, you are expected
  to gloat, ahem, speak nicely - about them all over the
  internet and to all your friends. Actually, I can't make
  you do that, but I'd appreciate it if you at least told
  your mom.

Did I forget anything? Add it to the comments below, OK?

The publisher said these cards are worth their weight in gold... In case you doubt that I actually HAVE these tangle bullions in my possession, here is some photographic proof:

See? Stacks and stacks and...
              HEY! Hold it RIGHT THERE, ladies?
Where do you think you are going with those cards?

Ah, I SEE... well, the Lilah Beans DO have a point. They want to take one of the Kidz! packs over to the Zentangle for Kidz! site and have their OWN contest. OK. That's fine. We'll have to wait to see what they come up with... But that still leaves US with 8 packs to play with.

Tune in this Friday to see the first of the Tangle Card Challenges.

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