If you read the first post with the fabulous instructional videos made by my 7-year-old and you want to know just a little bit more about these amazing rubber band bracelets....

As I mentioned in the first post, we were exploring the book Totally Awesome Rubber Band Jewelry

from Design Originals. One of my favorite designs (that I thought I could actually make!) is the "Fishtail Bracelet".

I realized I could use my daughter's instructions with this one! I followed her steps - start with the twisted first band, then a straight second one. In this case, the only difference is I use a third straight band.

You should always have three bands on your fingers. In this case, I always had two white and one black. I was thinking Zentangle - BTL Joos! (I just can't help it.)

The drawback, as you can see, is that you lose circulation in your fingers. Ah well. We must make sacrifices for our art.

So I pulled the lowest left band (black) up over my left finger...

Then pulled the lowest right band (black) over my right finger...

Add a third band again...

And then repeat - pulling the lowest band on each side up over that finger. Add a third band. Repeat... until you can no longer feel any fingers at all. You're finished!

Oh - then you have to put the little "C" or "S" hook in to hold the ends together. It's not really very hard - except that you can't feel your fingers. :-)

I added a little dash of red in the middle. And the bands that look white, are actually GLO-IN-THE-DARK! Super cool! When I finished this one, I was so pleased with it, I woke up Lilah to show her. I had to turn off her nightlight and show her how it glowed.  There are sparkley bands too. And camo. You can be whimsical OR sophisticated!

I was thinking of adding tangled, shrink-plastic charms to this one!

We decided to do a rubber band theme for the next Open Studio at The BeeHive. Feel free to come and play with our materials and see what you think. If you already know how to do this - then we REALLY want you to come and show us! And if you know how to crochet... (Jacque!)... bring your crochet hooks!