Well, I've been home for a week now - and I still feel jet-lagged. The first few days, I kept feeling like I wanted to cry - the states seem so strange to me. Everything seems so new and modern and product oriented. How weird is that? We live in a 200 year old house... and it suddenly seems so new and flimsy to me? I guess I really bonded with the ancient houses all squished together with amazing doors and door-knockers and gates and secret courtyards and walled cities... sigh.

Since I don't quite feel like blogging about the trip - which was FANTASTIC!! - I'll just post a few of my journal pages here for now. The little pictures were done on site with the teeny Polaroid Pogo printer (yes, I am in love with the little creature!)

oh- I just have to comment on my sister's legs. :-) She got these plastic mannequin legs at the weekend flea market in Paris. She didn't want to carry them all the way up to our room while we went for lunch, so she asked the concierge (in French) "Excuse me sir, is there somewhere I can rest my legs?" Ha HA! It was so funny! Well, maybe you had to be there...

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