OK, so I was wandering around the Sunapee craft fair and, I admit, feeling a little insignificant and remembering my own rejections by the jury (was it really 3 times?) But then my mother showed me a little, free publication from Kearsarge Magazine, Art & Gallery Guide. She picked it up in Kathleen Dustin's booth (there's a nice article about Kathleen in it).

And guess what!? There's a nice article about me in it too! Whoohoo!

The angel/fairy shown is actually on the lower shelf of a table that I collaged and painted. It's in my Beehive Gallery in Wingdoodle. The teeny pics on the top show: some simple carved stamps from a class, a bit of a polymer clay mosaic piece, and part of a page from my "Hues'n Views: Jewels" altered book. I am so excited. I feel so "verified". :-)

And, yes, it really is in the centerfold!

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