Mega Munny and Mini Yoka

She's huge, powerful, totally tangled! She's Mega Munny!

He's teeny tiny itsy bitsy, has no super powers whatsoever, but he likes to break-dance.
Meet P. Bear, the mini Yoka.

I finished both of these creatures this week. Meg is about 18" tall. I started her at the Fall Festival and finished at my Open Studio last weekend. She wanted to be a Zentangle Princess, but as soon as I drew the stripey panties, she turned into a super hero - with an oceanic theme. Note the seashell bra, shrimp tattoo, and squid on her head! Shelley found me the perfect fabric for a cape, sparkley blue lamé. But when she puts it on she looks rather WWF or Nacho Libre and I'm not sure that's the look she's after.... Besides I have it from a very reputable source (the Incredibles) that capes are quite dangerous for super heroes. Meg is going to hang out at Wingdoodle for a while and protect my sanity.

P. Bear is teeny, like around 2 or 3 inches. He's a Panda Bear and, despite his size, he has already left home. He is off to the adFunture/DKE Toys Custom Yoka Show at Designer Con in Pasadena, CA on Sat. November 21. So if you live near there, and aren't busy, go visit him. Tell P. Bear I said "hi" and I hope he's doing OK, and to let me know if he needs any money (plastic, of course).