I've been working really hard the past few weeks on one of my online courses. The Make Art That Sells Class is incredible! And a lot of hard work. I have been stretching my brain and trying to absorb the info and keep up with the work and give 100% to completing each week's challenges. Perhaps I will post some of my work when I come up for air, in two weeks (when Part A ends for the summer). For now, I wanted to let you know about the talent search that the teacher, Lilla Rogers, is conducting in case you would like to join in.

Although the prize is something I have dreamed of for ages (see below)... the competition is insanely fierce. However, I am trying to think of it as just a really cool challenge or assignment. Sometimes, if you want something too badly, you doom yourself to failure before you even start. So... do this for FUN not as if your career depended on it. :-)

Lilla Rogers Studio has launched a Global Talent Search to find the next hot new artist!

We have secured some incredible prizes for the winner including:

- TWO YEARS’ INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATION BY LILLA ROGERS STUDIO, including a host of licensing deals and international promotion of you and your work. This includes:

- A SCRAPBOOKING LICENSE PRIMA MARKETING INC. The winner will work directly with Prima’s own Creative Director and in-house Design Team through the development process, giving them the hands on experience to learn about this industry from the inside out.

- A HOME DECOR OR GIFT PRODUCT LINE WITH MIDWEST-CBK. Midwest-CBK’s Vice-President of Design & Creative will personally work with the winner to create a strong product line of either gift or home decor, depending on what is the most natural fit. There’s the potential of developing wall art, lighting, textiles, ceramics, gifts, specialty products… all offered with the voice of this artist to help them build an identity and strong brand footprint in the marketplace.


- A LICENSE FOR A DECORATIVE GARDEN PRODUCT WITH STUDIO M, the new artful home and garden division of Magnet Works, Ltd. The Director of Product Development will personally work with the winner throughout the development process to give them a better understanding of how a product line is conceptualized, developed, and marketed in the Specialty Gift Industry.

- A FEATURE IN WHERE WOMEN CREATE BUSINESS, the gorgeous business magazine from Stampington

In all cases licensing deals will be negotiated by Lilla Rogers Studio on behalf of the winner.

Registration for the Global Talent Search closes on Wednesday at 9am PST / 12 noon EST / 5pm GMT.

The information pages are here: http://www.lillarogers.com/global-talent-search.

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