According to my friend Jessica Wesolek, I'm an amazing and talented person! Cool. She sent me an email today warning me "don't blush TOO much." Read what she wrote on her blog and then guess... did I blush too much?

It's always strange to read about yourself from someone else's point of view, but I admit, it feels pretty good too! She posted a bunch of my artwork from her various classes. I keep thinking... I wonder if I should do an ebook version of my past art journals? Would that be of interest to folks? Tell me what you think.

Also, if you want to hang out and carve stamps with me tomorrow at The BeeHive, all the info is HERE. If you don't want to take a class and already have your own materials, then come and hang out anyway.

The BeeHive is open from 3-9pm and you can work on whatever you like. I've been focusing on needle-felting. Needle-felting Lilah Beans, actually! Yes, yes, I know I need to take a picture! I get so into stuff when I'm teaching, or even just hosting, that I don't think of taking photos until too late. I need to get my paparazzi, Laurie on the case.

Anyway - Friday is rubber stamp carving playday.

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