A really nice studio space suddenly became available on the second floor at Concord Community Arts Center!

The room is about 850-square feet - It's big and bright - lots of windows, and painted white. (I can fix that though...)

It's about a gazillion times bigger than my current studio...

Which means I could have more than three friends in there...

...and we could even sit down!

This Possibility just happened on Friday... I joked to Laurie that I needed a "sign from the Universe"... since I obviously don't have that kind of money... I said:

"If the Universe thinks I should do this, there will be a check

in my mailbox by the end of this weekend."

I thought - maybe I'll get the payment for some of the science kits from Montshire!

No check on Friday.
No check on Saturday.

So I tried NOT thinking (obsessing) about it.On Sunday, I got up the courage to go to White River Junction (VT) for a Cornerstone Creative Community (3CVT) Mash-up and met some very cool people. Matt Bucy (Tip Top Bldg. and American Legion bldg.) and Eric Bunge from the Northern Stage and a lady who runs a maker space... Very exciting. I was exhausted AND hyper and desperate to be a part of this sort of thing too! I want an art community! A Collaborative Creative Space!!!

At the end of the Mash Up, I went up to these really cool graphic facilitation diagram-sketch-things on the wall...

I took out my phone to take photos of them - and I saw a text from the CCS student who is now living in my former apartment. She said some of my mail had been delivered there and where should she send it?

I texted back - "I'm HERE in WRJ right now - I'll come get it!"

Guess what it was?

A check from Montshire!!!!?

Let this be a lesson to trust in the Universe, but be as specific as possible...

I should have said,

"If the Universe thinks I should do this, there will be a check    in my CURRENT mailbox by the end of this weekend."

So the Universe delivered the money to my mail box before the end of the weekend! And I now have a lease for this crazy-amazing STUDIO! And I have begun my OCD (CDO!) process with floor plans and I made a visual catalog of all the displays I could take from the Wingdoodle building and my home and home studio...

Yes, I measured (and colored) them all.

I'll let you know what transpires. I have to go tomorrow and move everything out of my tiny studio and uuuuuuuuppppp to the second floor... doesn't seem like much is in there, until I have to move it!

If you have been thinking how you'd LOVE to be part of a vibrant, creative, collaborative studio space filled with lots of art toys and workspace... I am looking for about 8 fun, positive artists/crafters/ Zentanglers... to share this space with me! I might do a Kickstarter, but if this sounds like you - let me know you're interested.

And here is some artsy inspiration from the walls at my daughter's elementary school. It made me want to MAKE STUFF! Enjoy.