Every year we celebrate my Grandma Magda on August 26th, her birthday (or very close to it). We have a little party in the graveyard.

My mom posted a couple of really nice tributes to her mom (my Grandma) on Facebook. And that is my Grandma and my sister in the paintings, which were painted by my Grandma:

We were scarfing down a very delicious chocolate cake from Market Basket (we are so glad to have you back!!!!!) and about to draw in our Holiday Book, when we suddenly realized...

Gramma Magda would have been 100 years old! ONE HUNDRED. Whoa.

Since we ate all of the chocolate cake, we brought her a bunch of unwrapped Hershey's kisses, and laid out our message on the stone. (We later moved it to the ground).

I have to back up a step in the story... when we arrived at the graveyard, and stepped out of the car, Alex and Lilah were teasing each other and for some reason, he threw the frisbee out into the field - except, he wasn't aiming and it flew off into the trees! Oh NO! Another Aerobie lost. :-(  We searched and searched, but it is probably up there in the tree tops or off in the dense poison ivy.

While Alex and Mom kept searching, Lilah and I laid out the Kisses. She was really distressed when she realized that there wouldn't be any chocolate left for her to EAT when the letters were complete. I suggested she write "LUV" instead of "LOVE" - it's much more Kiss-efficient.

Ah - perfect!!

But, alas, Alex is the Gramma... er... grammar... police in any language. Especially chocolate.

But he is also an excellent big brother. He spells correctly, but he let his sister have the last Kiss.

I found myself thinking - when I am 100 years old - if I am not still happily alive - I want to know that my kids, grandkids and great-grandchildren are remembering me, telling silly stories about me, and smearing chocolate on my headstone!

As for the frisbee... we could tell Alex felt really bad about that. But Lilah and I decided we'd "manifest" it. We asked any watching spirits - especially our Gramma-Bear (see the bear on the stone?) - to please return the frisbee to the gravestone. We promised to come and check.

So if you happen to be walking through the graveyard, and see a bright orange frisbee sitting on a chocolate-smeared gravestone...

with large pawprints in the dirt....

...it's ours!

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