Last week I did a really fun project for Red Kite Candy's "Candy Lab" - I designed the candy box label for the latest winner - Apple Pie Caramels. They are only available for a limited time and the money goes to Food4Kids.

And, NO, I don't get paid extra for promoting this - I just wanted to show off my artwork - and I think this is a cool way to raise money for a great program...

oh FINE - I admit it... I'm hoping someone will order some of these amazing caramels and SHARE them with ME!!

Nyum yum yum....

Your Winner is here!

Get your Apple Pie Caramels before they're gone. Support FOOD4KIDS and order yours before midnight Sunday.(As always, 100% of profits go to our Candy Lab partner,

currently FOOD4KIDS) Buy Now

Your idea. Our know-how. 100% donated.Candy Lab is a program of Red Kite Candy
226 Industrial Drive
Bradford, VT 05033

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