The last day. The End. It's all over now.

Some kind of magical chaos happening outside the storm...

A few of the students were still inking in the classroom.

Others were in the lab photocopying. I had been up till 3am again, but I had all the art scanned, cleaned up, reduced in size and saved as Photoshop files. I could barely walk in a straight line and my eyelids felt like lead.

I headed right down to the lab and got personalized help laying out the pages in InDesign (in a much easier way than we had done during school!!) and had everything printed out before the rush of other students had descended the stairs. And the best part...! As the pages came out of the printer, I had all the teachers helping as my Minions. They formed an assembly line, adding the cover, folding, stapling and stacking.

Ah... it was a thing of beauty. Minions. Yes, I need to get me some Minions.

Here's the finished comic:

And the back cover:

And an inside page:

I had planned to do it with gray shading like the Little Devil comic from last winter, but - no time. It drove my OCD ("Hey! That's CDO!" - read the comic) crazy. I tried to use line thickness to help with form and depth. I think it looks like a coloring book. But then coloring books are so popular now, maybe it will sell better that way? And who else has Demon coloring books, right? Let me know if you'd buy a Demon coloring book and I may print some (on coloring paper) to sell.

Those of you who subscribe to this blog will be getting a link in your email so you can download the PDF of the mini-comic. And you all at the top level (Kickstarter reward) will get an actual copy. If you end up coloring it - I want to see!

Here are all the mini-comics made by my class-mates this week. Impressive stuff.