I'm sick in bed and just realizing two weeks have flown by since I got out of school for break. Whoosh!

Just before Christmas, I got to participate in a Holiday Celebration at my daughter's elementary school. It was my kid's idea that I should volunteer to lead an art project and there were a few moments when I can't believe I went through with this!

Our idea was to do Winter Murals with stencils I die-cut and chalks and slick crayons... There were seven rotations of about 24 kids each. In general, the younger kids were more willing and excited to draw pictures, the older kids just wrote their names and other words. The younger kids were more respectful of the art supplies, the older kids... "feeding frenzy" comes to mind!

I made the mistake of wearing a very warm sweater - the gym is usually quite chilly - but after 3 hours of standing, bending, taping paper to the floor and "resetting"... seven times... I was drenched. But it was a lot of fun and seeing some of the teachers down on the floor coloring was a hoot too.

Now I will hand the commentary over to my little art director, here's Lilah...

"This was a Gingerbread Village that about 7 of us worked on. And one adult. Every building is made of gingerbread. We used the "lipstick" crayons. Owen's hands were COVERED with brown! I put orange gumboils on the top of my house (the one below)."

"Lots and lots of "Merry Christmases!" to you!"