If you read my blog post in June about the addition to the Tangle Library App and cursed loudly because you don't do i-anything, you own an Android, or you just really love the feel of real cards in your hands - curse no more!

I am proud to announce a new collection...  the AlphaTangled Tangle Cards!

[Just to clarify - the book is a collection of "AlphaTangles," this is a collection of "AlphaTangled cards".]

AlphaTangled Tangle Cards © Sandy Steen Bartholomew

These cards were self-published and I can't tell you HOW EXCITED I was to open the box from the printer and spill out 50 smaller boxes all over the table... while Bonnie looked on in horror. I have a weird obsession with stacks of cards or new books... sigh. Whereas Bonnie was already thinking of how it would fall to her to sort out all the designs, (alphabetized of course), collate the cards into sets and fill all the boxes. Squeeeee! They look even lovelier stacked up in their little boxes!

AlphaTangled Tangle Cards © Sandy Steen Bartholomew

The AlphaTangled card collection has 40 tangle cards - all traditional Zentangle® patterns, a cover card, 3 blank template cards, and a card with a "prize" on it (sticker, tattoo or pin). They are all housed in a clear storage box.

The cards are 2.5x3.5 inches, baseball/ATC sized. If you are into being super organized... Ahem... they can fit into baseball card sleeves in a binder. Or if you own all my other card packs already, you might like to sort them all together into categories like "borders," "backgrounds"... etc. On the fronts of all the cards, there is a little box in the upper right corner. This set has "ZT" pre-printed, but there is space to add your own code too. The previous sets of cards have an Index card and space to write out your codes. I use "ZT" to show all cards that are traditional Zentangle patterns. The only card in this pack that is repeated in another pack, is the "Zander" tangle. But this one shows a slight variation and has different art.

When the first three packs of cards came out - a year ago! - I did a bunch of challenges with card packs as prizes. I think we should do that again to celebrate this pack too. Since I will be away on an adventure with my family, I will give an extended deadline.

Here's the challenge:

Create a Zentangle using your name or nickname as the string, and only traditional tangle patterns to fill it in.

You may interpret the challenge however you like, but stick to black, white and red, and shading, for your color palette. Any size.

Post it to my studio Facebook page. I set up an AlphaTangle Album to make it easier to view all the art together.

Deadline will be August 18th, so you have plenty of time.

What might you win?!
There will be two winners. One will be chosen by me (and Bonnie) and they will win a pack of the new cards and an AlphaTangle poster or an original AlphaTangle book (vintage, black cover).
The second winner will be chosen by popular choice - the most "Likes" on Facebook - and they will win a new pack of cards and a copy of AlphaTangle with the red cover (Design Originals).

I will post all the entries here on the blog.

If you want your AlphaTangled cards NOW, you can get them at my Etsy store, or on my website. All the other packs of cards, and the AlphaTangle books, are also available on those sites.

These new cards are not available at wholesale, but the Totally Tangled, Yoga for Your Brain, and Kidz! Editions are available by contacting Judith McCabe at Fox Chapel Publishing.