I always seem to forget how difficult it is to hold a contest! I like the challenge aspect of it and seeing the amazing work... but "choosing" a winner? So hard!

I really wanted to give everyone who entered a prize - so I had the idea of giving each person a copy of the Tangle Library App! I've sent each of you a message on Facebook with a special code. If you don't see it in your Messages, check the "Other" folder.

If you'd like info about Tangle Library, or have questions, please visit the Tangle Library Facebook page.

So, in my non-technical manner, I counted up the votes and added in mine and Bonnie's and - since some people voted for a few people... well... that's why I like to give everyone a prize!

The entry receiving the most votes was...


Congratulations, Ellen!

And the second winner - good grief! Are there really THREE people who tied!?
Alrighty then - our winners are...





And if you folks would please send me your mailing addresses (email to me at beezink@tds.net) then Bonnie and I will gather your prizes and mail them out to you. Too exciting. :-)

Oh - and I have had a bunch of requests from people who are asking about getting the books and trading cards in Canada and Europe... we are going to look into the shipping costs and, perhaps, offer international sales for one week. If you might be interested, leave a comment and let me know WHERE we should be checking the shipping (what countries). If you have friends in the area who also want stuff - you could order together too. Thanks.