I wanted to give you all the heads up that I am getting near the bottom of the last pile of AlphaTangle books.

Design Originals reprinted it, with the red cover, and those are still available. The newer version is nice because the images are a bit larger with better printing, and there is an added section in front with the basics of how to do Zentangle®.

I will admit that I still prefer the original (vintage) edition with the black cover. For those of you who are newer to my blog and/or the world of Zentangle...
AlphaTangle was the first book about Zentangle and I self-published it in 2009. It was meant to serve as inspiration by offering up each tangle, sorted by first letter, actually IN each letter. It wasn't meant to educate or do anything serious. I have heard from people who used it as a workbook - as they learned a new tangle, they drew the steps on the opposite page, others took the book apart and rebound it with a coil binding, others created posters from the pages to use in their classrooms... ( I made posters, by the way, to save you some trouble :-) ) And, if the disc is removed from the green-boxed Zentangle kit, then this little book will fit in the box. Cool.

I have a bunch of the books listed in my Etsy shop, but I am no longer offering this book at wholesale for CZTs or other shops. There are too few left and I can't reprint as long as Fox Chapel is still printing it. I used to sell it on Amazon and if you want a chuckle, take a look at the "used" books that are being offered... $100... $129.68?! Seriously? If you want to pay that much for my adorably teeny book, why not support the artist and send the $100 directly to me? I'll send you a "brand new" - un-used copy... I'll sign it... I'll even draw in it for you! Heck, for $100 you can get ALL my books.... signed. With collector bookmarks and stickers... and tattoos. Good grief. :-)

Oh, so the point is, if you don't yet have your own copy of AlphaTangle, or you want to get one for a friend - for Xmas or something - better get it now. While it's still available for only $9.99. Whattadeal. Only $9.99 for the first Zentangle book EVER published. And still the CUTEST Zentangle book ever published. ;-D
I mean, a spine and a hardcover are seriously over-rated, right?

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