Today, April 2, is "CCS Shout Out Day!" CCS is the Center for Cartoon Studies - soon to be my Grad School. The school is only 10 years old (10th Anniversary is this fall) and today is the day to get the word out about the school and cartooning.

Besides the obvious folks, artists, I hope that teachers will also take note of this post. Cartooning is such a fabulous tool for teaching! A great way to present information TO students, but also for students to express their OWN ideas. Being able to draw well is not as important to a comic as the ability to get the message across. Sequential Art opens up a whole world of possibilities.

If you are interested in cartooning, in general, take a look at the school's website - there are great links to other interesting sites and news about new comics and awards and alumni work. The Schulz library, at the school, has an impressive collection of comics, graphic novels and art books. (Zentangle for Kidz! is in the collection! :-) There's a library blog too.

If you are interested in getting your Masters in Cartooning or Applied Cartooning, the school has rolling admissions and there is still time to apply. We'd be classmates!!

If you are curious but don't want to commit two years of your life to comic books... and you'd like a whole lot of info packed into one week - then check out the summer programs! (There are scholarships available too.)