Rambly stuff:
I was feeling completely tangled by the time I finished this book. But, it's a bit like having kids, you start to forget the pain and only feel the pride. And I haven't even seen the printed book yet. Which reminds me.... they should be printed the first week or so in April. And Suzanne, from Design Originals, bless her heart, took pity on me and convinced the printer to send me a bunch of books directly. I had been (subtly) whining that the books would be published on the very day I was leaving the country. Besides the fact that I wouldn't be able to send them out to my customers until I returned at the end of April - I wouldn't get to see it either until then!

Important stuff:
So that means YOU can get your own book soon after I get them!! I've listed them for pre-order on my Etsy store site. I'll take pre-orders up until April 7th or so, then close the shop til I get back.* If you really want one signed, you'd be better to wait until April 29th, when I re-open the Etsy store. There are a few pics on the site, but I'll add more after I get the books. You have to trust me and have tangled faith that you WILL LOVE this BOOK! If you desperately need this book while I am out of earshot (e-mail shot?) you can get one from my real-life store: Wingdoodle.

* Since I know you are curious, I am going on an archaeological adventure with my mom, my husband, and my son. My arch. professor from college is leading the tour. We are going to (Paris), Jordan, Israel, Egypt, and Cyprus. Whew! I have always wanted to see Petra in Jordan. Nobody knows what Petra is (unless you are an ancient history nut!) until I say "remember the part in Indiana Jones, (the one with Sean Connery as his dad), where Indie takes the leap of faith? That temple is at Petra. Carved into the rocks. thousands of years old. No one really knows who did it or why. What's not to love?

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