One (early!) morning this week, Elsa Bear and I were just sitting on the garden bench, in the sunshine... she was sitting on my lap like a little kid and I was rubbing her belly. We just listened to the sounds of the birds and the cars and dogs barking and the breeze. We were both so calm. Good dog. Good GeekyGirl.

I've been working on my yART SALE idea. Kind of overwhelmed by all the piles everywhere! But Kelley and I cleaned out the garage and she moved all the heavy stuff and the ACs. I spent all day yesterday setting it up like a shop... I still have more piles in three rooms, but I took some time off to create a poster and I'm quite proud of it! Plus it reminded me that THIS is what I'm meant to do, not so much the organizing and selling stuff.

There doesn't seem to be anything I can do about the spreading pain in my body, but this puppy could make a huge difference with my brain. She still needs so much training, but she has a loving, happy heart and she brings joy to everyone she meets. So if you are around next Saturday (the 10th), come say "Hi" and rub Elsa Bear's ears. :-) You can rub my ears too (I prefer hugs) and buy some of this awesome STUFF!!