Tangle of the Week - Journal Page

I know I need to make up for quite a few weeks without Tangles! So here is the page from my journal where I recorded some of the great patterns I found:

We saw a lot of churches - especially in Paris - with amazingly complicated stained glass windows and iron work. In Israel - it was the mosaic work... and in Cyprus too - amazing mosaics. The funny thing is that most of the beautiful patterns from the mosaics are already "Zentangle" patterns. Hmmm... :-)

The pattern on the far right, 2nd down, was from the towel basket on the sundeck of our boat. I got a little... obsessed with figuring it out! The first try, I based on "Keeko", but drew it with more diagonal lines. But it wasn't right. Second try... not even close. But then I turned my head and squinted my eyes and noticed the zig-zag underlying pattern. The diagram on the bottom row, 2nd from the right, shows how I worked it out. Can you figure it out? Tee hee.

Also notice the four different patterns based on a simple fish scale design. One squares the scales, one points them (and adds little circles), one turns them into rainbows, and the simplest one, just stretches them.

When I get all my photos organized, I'll post some more of the great patterns and I'll sketch out some steps for them too.