This week's Tangle comes from THE BOOK. Flutter Tile is a great grid pattern with a lot of room for variations. I'd love to see what you do with it!

The WCANH Round-Robin Challenge is almost finished. I haven't gotten my own book back yet (it's been a whole year since I've seen it!!), but I just finished my last two books. The first of them had a string that was kind of like a "W" with a rounded section in the middle. So I reflected the W on the 1st and 3rd page, and reflected the W - up and down- on the center page. As you see, I used Flutter Tile for the background. This tangle takes... rather a while... to fill in all the black spaces. So I don't recommend it to the very impatient tangler!

The second book (and my very last one!) had the "Eye of Horus" as the string. The book's owner asked us to use color and, overall, the book is really impressive. I mean, I adore Egypt. But I don't think the book works as traditional Zentangle. The color is really distracting and the tangles themselves get obscured. That said, I had fun "illustrating". I decided to go with a more traditional Egyptian look and I put all my tangles in the background. I like to color and I love the way this looks. But I don't think it really counts as a Zentangle. What do you all think? (About this piece and also about color in Zentangles?)