Something Light and Fluffy

I am so excited that my peonies are blooming! Big whoop, I know, but it means that my garden is still alive. I am not a failure at this growing plants thing! And peonies are just so amazing. They die back over the winter and then suddenly, this tall plant is there, with ants crawling all over the buds... pretty small buds... that just EXPLODE! in pink, fluffy petals. I am NOT the pink, fluffy type of person, either, but I can't help but smile when I see these flowers. How in the world do all those petals fit into that teeny bud!? It's like a popcorn kernel...

In honor of my peonies (nice work, ladies!), I'm going to post "Mumsy" from Yoga for Your Brain. This tangle starts with a simple squiggle center and then grows and grows and grows... until you run out of space. Someone needs to create a tangle called "Plant Stake". ;-D

And because I am temporarily obsessed with pink, fluffy flowers, I just had to show you these rhododendrons that are blooming in front of my cottage! This is evidence that pruning is overrated! Perhaps it is also evidence that I have a dual personality? I admire a trim, neat plant that hibernates, obsesses, creates in obscurity, then explodes forth with a masterpiece. And I also admire the hardy, lazy, New England "weed" that grows anywhere, next to any plant, and effortlessly sprinkles day-glo pink petals all over the lawn. Go figure. Either way, it is nice to have role models.