I'm not sure there is a relation between the two types of comics in the title... but I finished my Non-fiction Project. It was due last Wednesday and after getting some feedback, I decided to follow through with the feedback and add a few more pages to tie everything back to the concept of "Self-Care".

The comic follows my daily adventures over a few weeks time. I apologize if some things don't make sense to you - feel free to send me email or comments with your thoughts. The pages were all drawn in a Moleskine notebook with a Papermate ballpoint pen. I scanned them and cleaned them up in Photoshop... but I still like the original, bluish looking black ink on the cream paper...

Moleskine with Papermate ballpoint.

Those of you who subscribe to this blog through Kickstarter or Etsy, will be getting an email with a link to the PDF of the comic (on DropBox). I hope you enjoy it!

Cleaned up in Photoshop.

I am thinking about doing a Patreon campaign with these types of comics (stay tuned!) so PLEASE let me know what you think of the "Keep Them Spinning" comic.

In Comic History on Monday, we learned about the mysterious fellow who was known as Steve Ditko - best known for creating Spiderman and Dr. Strange. In summary - he was a genius and, perhaps, a nutcase. But I think those two often go together.

We also learned about Jack T. Chick and his "Chick Tracts" - tiny comics about religion that were left in bus stops, phone booths and anywhere else the downtrodden resided.

He could be considered the most prolific of comics creators/publishers with over 700,000,000 comics distributed. And still going. There are tons of knock-offs and parodies, but most of the originals are rather disturbing to begin with and could be labeled as "hate literature" - but weirdly fascinating.Here are some pics I took of two of the teacher's samples:

They are a really cute and economical size. You could fit three up on an 8.5x11 page. I will file this format away in my head for future use.