Friday was Senior Orientation at CCS! All of a sudden everything is very "REAL"! The Thesis I've been sort of thinking about all summer? Real. The 60 hours of Internship required for graduation? Real. Classes? Real. Aaah... panic!

The fun part was that we got to pick our tables and chairs in the Senior Studio (which I helped clean last week!) I'll post some pics once I set up my space, but I got the spot I wanted - in front of a sunny window and next to a wall (corner). Yeah! With only nine of us in the Senior class - we can actually spread to two tables each. Very nice.

I returned to my apartment feeling more than a little stressed out. I got a lovely surprise from the Fireman and the Kid!

To set the stage a little, I get very gloomy and sad and cranky when I am stuck inside for long periods of time. The Fireman had suggested I sit outside... but I am surrounded on three sides by parking lots and my tiny porch faces the large dumpster.

He noticed this weed infested, overgrown jungle below my bedroom window and offered to turn it into a "garden" for me. OH?!

Whoa, right?

So, back to Friday... I came home from Orientation feeling exhausted and overwhelmed... and saw THIS!!!!!

These two had created a little garden for ME!

Now I can sit out there, in the afternoon sunshine, and procrasti... ahem... brainstorm and draw cartoons. We are already planning artwork for the garden walls. We tried to convince the garden center at Walmart to part with one of their  half-circle garden displays. Alas. No. They actually laughed at me. But I have secret powers... and wholesale display catalogs. AhhahahahahahHA! i will prevail!

Following on my thoughts of evil dominion... here is a cool drawing Lilah did of a dragon, using only marker dots. Nice.

The Kid is already disappointed in my, even though we had a long discussion about how I was gong to work really hard and focus on my school work this year. I apologized in advance for not coming home as often this year. And - BAM! - she's upset the very first weekend because she didn't get the memo that just because SHE has a Holiday, doesn't mean that I do too. Sigh. If I don't end up dying from Exposure ("this job doesn't pay much, but it's great Exposure!") - I might just dissolve in Mommy Guilt.

Ok - enough self-pity and Whatever - out of the pity pool!

Here's something that totally cracked me up! We were wandering the Powerhouse Mall (love that place!) and I looked UP at the wall and saw this:

That's pretty funny. But NEXT to it, was THIS:

That's the weirdest Moose I've ever seen!?