I'm getting scarily close to graduation and Thesis deadline. Eeeeeek!
On the happy side - I finished one of four comics for that Thesis and just launched a Kickstarter to pay for the printing.

This Kickstarter lasts for just seven days, so go take a look right now! (And Thanks!)

Since you all have been going through this whole... THING... 2 years of crazy cartoon school... I know you will understand how relieved and PROUD I am to have finished even one quarter of my Thesis! I have piles of pages and alternate cover designs all over the floor and it feels so good to get some of it organized and sent off to the printer.

While I've been writing this post, the link above updated and I have a backer! AAAAAH! Have to go check who... oh! - Ann - you are an angel! :-)

This is my third Kickstarter and I always forget how agonizing the wait is. If you set the amount too high, and don't get enough pledges - you don't get ANY of the money. But when it works... ah... life is good.

I really, REALLY love writing and drawing books.

Anyway... back to this book. I like the cover design, here's a peek:

And I spent an entire day just working on the inside covers (inside front and back):

And the title page:

OK - I admit it - I am SO excited to get this printed!!!

Next week is Spring Break and I am doing my usual "I need to write a book and I can't concentrate" emergency escape plan. I'm going to Ogunquit to hide out and write/draw so I can finish the other three comics before April 10th (my deadline for printing). Don't worry - this escape is being paid for with Rewards Miles. Thank you Capital One! (Wonder if they'd sponsor my comics? Ha ha!)

Alrighty - I'm getting giddy. I have worked so hard on this, I think I deserve some food and a shower. Or some thawed chocolate chip cookies (thank you Fireman!)
Maybe it will be funded by the time I get out of the shower?

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