I had a few weeks without the kid or the pup - and I did get to work - and heal ... a bit. The problem with chronic pain is... it doesn't just go away. And I really missed the kid, and I'm still missing the pup. I hate not having her here, but I'm also kind of afraid of her right now. I'm also afraid of my own body. If you can't trust yourself, who can you trust?! She Facetimed and promised she was practicing and doing her homework. She sent me a selfie:

Some of the things I accomplished:

• I did a second weekend of the yART SALE and made a bit more money for Elsa's training AND got rid of a lot more art supplies AND met some really cool people! I still have quite a bit of stuff, especially books, if you need something.

• I still need help moving the larger dog pen - that would mean Elsa Bear could play outside and run, without me holding the leash! With two torn rotator cuffs and severe inflammation and frozen shoulder... yeh, that would be nirvana! But my son and his friends showed up at the end of the yART Sale and helped me and Jules to create a mini dog pen out front...

• I've been trying to doodle more - just because - no stress. I especially love drawing monsters and came up with the "Lilah Beasts" (see above) during a particularly long Zoom call.

• I FINALLY started work on the art for my kids' book "Blue Roo"!!! I was horrified to discover I'd written the story about 30 years ago. How is that possible?! But I'd rewritten it and redrawn it many times since then. And sent it out to publishers many times. But I decided I'm going to publish it through Bumblebat Books (my own company) - hopefully in time for the holidays! Here are a few images:

And then a whole bunch of STUFF happens...

You want to know what happened, right?! Stay tuned!

Back to work!!!