My Shop and I Are Both Taking a Vacation (But Not Together!)

Let the angels sing - I'm taking a vacation.
Yes - a real vacation. Not a pretend one, where I actually work on a book or teach a class while ignoring the ocean 100 feet away from me. This time, I am going somewhere away from the water (to the mountains) and doing something that is completely out of my comfort zone (hiking). I cannot remember the last time I had a real vacation. Adventures to the Middle East don't count. And that was three years ago anyway. The last time I tried to take this vacation, the entire state of Vermont floated away. It's back now. And dry. So I'll try this again.

I'm going to enjoy the great outdoors, get my creaky, out-of-shape body moving again, let someone else feed me healthy food and... I'm not planning to spend much time in cyber-space. So that means I will be putting my Etsy shop on Vacation Mode for the week or so that I am gone. The shop will be closed from June 8th until the 18th so please plan ahead if you need books or Zentangle® supplies. CZTs this mean you too!

To make up for being inaccessible - and also to try and generate some money to PAY for my little vacation - I wanted to have a SALE. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to discount any actual Zentangle products. So I will do a SHIPPING SALE! Genius, right? OK, don't answer that.
Here's the scoop:

For all US orders from now until June 7th, enter the super-secret code: SHIPFREE (So clever!) during checkout at and you will get free shipping, no matter how large or small your order is. [Sorry - this does NOT apply to international orders or to wholesale orders].

NOTE: The code... SHIPFREE needs to be entered into the PROMO CODE box during checkout in order to get free shipping. Also, this offer is only good on U.S. RETAIL orders. Thanks. :-)

Also, I am in the process of moving my studio, so I have tons of extra products and items from the now closed Wingdoodle store. If you place an order over $100 (by June 7th) and mention this bribery... er... awesome deal - in a note with your order, I'll add something (or some things) extra to your order. You can tell me if you prefer something Tangle-y, Artsy, or Toy-ish. And THIS part of the deal, DOES apply to international and wholesale orders. Yeah! :-)

What are you doing still here? GO! Shop. Now... Click Me!