Feeling like a loser, a freak? Go see "Glee 3D" and you'll see that as a good thing. My son would be embarrassed to know that I just reluctantly left the movie theater -- I didn't want this movie to end! There were parents dancing with their kids in the concert audience and weird little interviews with strange high school kids... How can these Glee kids ("gleeks") not only make life seem so great, and freaks the only people worth having as friends, but also seem to understand us all so well - no matter our age? I was the brainy-art-chick-medical-anomaly in high school. What? That's not a standard stereo-type? A few more freak points for me! But I was really good at blending in, not drawing attention to myself. In fact, I was so good at disappearing, it's taken me 20 years to realize I need to go looking for myself.

So, if your life is feeling like a high school drama - embrace it - and go see "Glee".
Just don't embarrass your kid by singing out loud.
Oh, what the heck - go ahead and sing. They'll survive.
We all turned out OK, right? :-)

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