If you are wondering why I post what I post on this blog... well, I am on a never ending search for purpose and inspiration and artistic expression. I am a "Certified Zentangle Teacher" - but that's not who I am. I have studied Egyptology, art therapy, illustration, writing... I have traveled to Japan, the middle east, Europe, Egypt (a few times), Mexico, and lots of the US, including Alaska. I started out in Guam... I have survived a tumor that was so rare, only three people had it (at the time) and got me featured in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) at age 12. I have been radiated, biopsy-ed, sliced/diced, and medicated... I have owned my own businesses from the age of 8 or so (rock painting, face-painting, t-shirt printing, window painting, rubber stamp design, furniture painting, freelance illustration, store owner, teacher, author)... I have developed film (yes, there was life before digital cameras) in total darkness, with no running water...I have failed big time... and had some of my impossible dreams come true (good and bad)... and there is just so much more ( we haven't even mentioned my kids!) ;-D

I think most of you, dear readers, are the same (but completely different, of course!!) There is just so... MUCH!

I struggle all the time with words. I wish I could say exactly what I picture in my head. Or I wish I could come up with the perfect smart-ass thing to say to resuscitate my confidence. Or the right words to comfort a friend. I never have those words... Or something brilliant to say to my favorite author at a book signing - "I -I -I loved your book!" I try to be more fearless when blogging, but it is a bit easier when you can take your time with the words. I think of who I would like to be in reality, in the mirror. I never could picture her, until now. I want to be like Sarah Kay.

If you have never heard of the TED conferences, take a look at their site. Pure inspiration. Their slogan is "Ideas Worth Spreading". I'm all about ideas. Watch this video of Sarah Kay. She is a performance poet (and SO much more!) She is so young (22), and began at age 14! and she admits to being terrified, and yet... she is everything I have ever wanted to be. She gets her thoughts across so well. The first poem is called "If I Should Have a Daughter". She doesn't have a daughter, and yet she expresses everything I wish I could tell my daughter (and son!) but could never find the words. And, if you are a teacher, this would be a great video to play for your students. In school, we get a warped image of what poetry must look like. THIS is cool. And we ALL need more positive role models. Sarah is now one of mine.

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