Heart Zenflake by M.W.

Hi Sandy,

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your awesome Zentangle books.  A little bit about me-- I have always loved art and like to dabble in it some (mainly coloring, paint by numbers, etc.) but have never been very good at creating my own stuff.  I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the last few years have been really hard.  I have needed a creative outlet and began doing some art therapy as part of my treatment.  I am a musician but oftentimes music becomes too stressful-- I'm too much of a perfectionist, and, plus, it's kind of my job.

I randomly discovered Zentangle a few months ago and shared it with my therapist.  She was excited and we began incorporating it in my therapy as well as in a group I attend.  I was recently in the hospital (I go there for treatment from time to time) and shared it with the recreating therapist there--she also has begun to use it.

ANYWAY, your books in particular have been very inspirational to me.  I bought "Yoga for Your Brain" a few months ago and then was given "Totally Tangled" for Christmas.  I love the way you organize your books--showing techniques and designs so clearly and then using them as a springboard for inspiring creativity.  It gives me just enough guidance to make me confident in creating my own zentangles.

The last few days have been really rough for me.  It's a snowy day today in Utah.... I decided to cuddle up in my electric blanket and work on some art--and came up with this heart zenflake (maybe "heartflake"or "melting heart" ?).  I'm so surprised at what I came up with.  I feel so much calmer and am ready to face the new year.  
So...thank you!


Heart Zenflake by M.W.

[Note: M.W. used tangles from Totally Tangled:
Bleeding Hearts, Btl Joos, Heartline, and Alice.
Just beautiful!]