Yeah! And Oh Wow! I did it - a whole year of journal pages!! Whoohoo! Maybe you know this from your own experiences, but keeping with a program for a whole year is really hard.

So here are my last four pages from Journal52. I made 52 new pieces of art this year. Wow. If you are up for a challenge, I highly recommend this group and the 2015 challenge is just starting up.
And it's free. What's not to love?

Week 48 - Let's Build a Snowman!

Journal52 has been full of cool coincidences this year! The weekend before this assignment, I went for my interview and portfolio review at the Center for Cartoon Studies where I am applying for my Masters in Applied Cartooning. The application, which I had JUST started, requires a comic book as part of the portfolio submission, And this comic book must include myself, a robot, a piece of fruit, and... a snowman!! So I did my J52 homework with this in mind and this is my final panel for the mini comic. That's me, standing in the doorway.

It's drawn with a Sharpie pen, and shaded with a gray Tombow marker.

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 49 - Doodle

Doodle... I tried to do this "quickly". I always take too long when I draw, so I think of a doodle as a quick drawing. And not planned...much. This is actually the tangle "Fret" - which would make a good video, if I get some time.

Drawn with Sharpie pen and colored with a gray Tombow marker.

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 50 - Sparkle and Shine

Metallics and fluorescents don't scan... and they are hard to capture in a photo too. The first image shows the photo with nice hot fluorescent colors. I thought you might like to see the contrast - the second image is the good quality scan. The metallics have the right colors, but the oranges and pinks are all gone. Interesting, eh? Oh well, it was fun and sparkly to make. Good enough.

I sketched it with a white Prismacolor pencil, and drew the letters with Gelly Roll Moonlights and Metallics gel pens - on black card stock.

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew
© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 51 - Sing a Song!

I confess, I did this piece a while ago, but it's not "cheating" since this is exactly what I WOULD have done this week - but I applied to cartooning school instead. I used this in my admission portfolio too. Another example of Journal52 themes paralleling my real life!
Drawn with Sharpie pen and colored with Inktense pencils. The Purple-People Eater song is by Sheb Wooley (genius).

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 52 - Circle

Wow - a journal entry - with an actual journal entry! At the beginning of a new year, I go back thru my calendar and my journals to see what my intentions were for the year. This time I was a little shocked to see how my "word" of the year had warped. I also watched one of my favorite movies last night ("Begin Again") and realized that phrase (and the story) feel very appropriate for this coming year. So my CIRCLE is the year beginning again, and my life circling around, and my calendar/agenda book... around and around... Drawn/written with Papermate ballpoint pen in my Moleskine agenda notebook.

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

So that is done.

For 2015, I hope to keep up with a different Journal group that uses Zentangles.
Wish me luck.