The new Totally Tangled books are back up on Etsy AND they are now on AMAZON (Totally Tangled

), too! I was insanely excited to receive the books, just before I left. But I have to admit that, in the Middle east, I kind of kept forgetting about them. Then, back home - WHAM-o! - books everywhere, and lots of emails about them. Very cool! But what really made it real - was seeing them on Amazon. I was so excited I showed my son, who said, "Yes, but are they on GoodReads?" YES - they are! So, if you have a minute, go to one of these sites and post a review or lots of gold stars or something. I want to move this book up in the ranks. :-) If you have seen it online somewhere or in a local bookstore, I'd love to know about it!

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