In Cartooning Studio, on Wed., we had the most funnest day yet!

In the morning, after a lecture, we were given a slip of paper with a description of a character...

... mine said "A bearded man wearing the hide of a bull, riding a great bear and carrying a club."

We later found out that these were descriptions of characters from mythology. But to start, we had no idea what we were doing. The first picture, below, shows my character, "Ursa, the dead weight."

Next, we were given three more cards and told to draw our character performing a trademark move on each card (dance moves, ninja moves, etc.), and to give the move a name.

Then the fun began! Jason, our teacher, randomly selected two characters and put them on the overhead projector. Here, my Ursa was up against "Tree Man with Little Horns"...

Then he randomly selected one of each of our "moves" and my "Belly Rub" won against Tree Man's "Giant Pants".

As you can see from the giant chart on the white board (below) - my Ursa character made it all the way to the FINAL ROUND! Where he was hopelessly beaten by nothing less than ... an atomic blast!

Belly Rub versus an Atomic Blast?! I say the fight was rigged. But I will eventually forgive Moss... or at least his character, Nuit Blanch. Someday.

After lunch - we got to go on a field trip to the Toy Museum in Quechee! It was a blast to look around at all the cool toys (I LOVE toys!) and the rooms echoed with the sounds of "OMG! I had that toy!"

Some toys, were a little disturbing...

And some were just plain old creepy...

Our "research" was actually for an assignment. We were given a decade, mine was the 1950's, and we need to design a toy, then design an ad for that toy - that fits the time period.

"Why in the world is this Magic Eight Ball... lumpy!?"


"Be patient."

"Wait 60 years and ask Siri."

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